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forward motion – Kris10 Media

forward motion

And all at once, everything came to a grinding halt
An unwanted moment redefining all once believed as fact
A moment where my reality shattered before me
Brakes failing with no guardrails picking up the slack

All others still moving one foot in front of the other
Yet mine are stranded in a canyon of debris
Still moving forward as though drowning in molasses
Having little control of the girl who once was me

That day my entire world ceased to exist as it once was
All others able to move forward despite of me
My faith and heart are held in my hands as I walk alone
Lost in what is now forever only a memory

Holding on to every moment for as long my grip holds
Please don’t fade away – please don’t turn to black
Fearful my mind will fail as they vanish over time
Everything I believed in – how desperately I want it back

Is there anyone out there who understands all of this
Hold upright a mirror so I can see my reflection
Will I recognize myself in this unheralded light
Or will I become a slave to this disconnection?

What is this new world and who have I become?
A familiar stranger to those around me
After the funeral, an evolutionary rebirth of sorts
And pray that this experience will set me free

Grant me the words and courage to begin anew
Cast aside the demons gathered along this journey
Stronger, tougher, wiser and more determined
A mission to embark upon for all eternity

Blessed with an ever-inquisitive and vibrant being
Renewal is within a certain state of mind
Bathed in the love of those who created me
The purpose and direction is for only me to find

The moment my world came to a grinding halt
Was simply the creator’s way of pressing pause
On what seemed like a certain end or finality
Must remove myself from such temptation’s jaws

A moment so pivotal that all else ceased to exist
All others moved on while I had to stop and redefine
The very essence of who I am and all that I knew
And for the first time since, I’m certain I’ll be fine