just me

indescribable – a cyclical paradox unique to the common eye
a tantalizing mixture of the sweet ‘n’ sour sauce of existence
enigmatic in the most appealing of ways – inexplicable
i am just me

indefinable and impossible to categorize or decipher
never certain of who or what i am supposed to be
blending effortlessly with my human surroundings
that is just me

sometimes i feel like i’m on the brink of discovery
then am slapped again with yet another curve-ball
which i throttle out of the park – rocketing into orbit
it is just me

orbiting precariously yet steadily – possible (yes?)
all a part of the schematics that define just who i am
revolving on the carousel, beautifully and artistically painted
i see just me

an evolution so mindlessly simplistic yet outwardly complex
too many channels from which to choose, stifling the developing me
or is this just it? the answer which i seek?
all of the channels, the mixture, the indecipherable truth
this all is just me.

just me.
take me for who i am
take me for everything i am
for this is just me
everything i could ever hope to be
just me.